Please reference the syllabus below. As the semester progresses, updates to the syllabus will be posted here. Please contact the instructor or a TA if you have any questions.

Week Date Topics Readings Notes
1 Tues, Aug 28 Course Syllabus and Intro Notes
1 Thurs, Aug 30 Background 1 The Datacenter as a Computer (Chp 1-4)
2 Tues, Sept 4 Background 2 The Datacenter as a Computer (Chp 5-8)
2 Thurs, Sept 6 Getting started in AWS Readings
3 Tues, Sept 11 Hadoop 1 Hadoop book
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
The Hadoop Distributed File System
Apache Hadoop YARN: Yet Another Resource Negotiator
[optional] The Google File System
Project 1 released
3 Thurs, Sept 13 Hadoop 2 Hadoop book
4 Tues, Sept 18 Pig Hadoop book
4 Thurs, Sept 21 Spark 1 Discretized Streams: Fault-Tolerant Streaming Computation at Scale
Spark: Cluster Computing with Working Sets
5 Tues, Sept 25 Spark 2 GraphX: Graph Processing in a Distributed Dataflow Framework Project 1 due
5 Thurs, Sept 27 Large scale stores (MongoDB/Redis) Distributed Caching with Memcached
Scaling Memcache at Facebook
Project 2 released
6 Tues, Oct 2 Large scale stores (Cassandra) Readings
6 Thurs, Oct 4 Serverless Computing Serverless Computation with OpenLambda
Occupy the Cloud: Distributed Computing for the 99%
7 Tues, Oct 9 Message queueing (RabbitMQ) Readings Project 2 due
7 Thurs, Oct 11 Pub/sub systems (Apache Kafka) Kafka: a Distributed Messaging System for Log Processing Project 3 released
8 Tues, Oct 16 Streaming (Apache Storm) Storm @Twitter
8 Thurs, Oct 18 Machine Learning 1 Possible topics: MLlib, PredictionIO, Tensorflow, etc
9 Tues, Oct 23 Machine Learning 2 Readings Project 3 due
9 Thurs, Oct 25 Load Balancers Possible topics: HAProxy, Reverse Proxy, WAN LB, etc Project Proposals due
10 Tues, Oct 30 TA Review Eric out of town
10 Thurs, Nov 1 Exam Eric out of town
11 Tues, Nov 6 Zookeeper ZooKeeper: Wait-free coordination for Internet-scale systems
11 Thurs, Nov 8 Automation (Jenkins) Readings
12 Tues, Nov 13 Resource Virtualization Possible topics: CPU, memory, network virtualization Checkpoint 1
12 Thurs, Nov 15 Elements of virtualization (VMs and containers) Xen and the Art of Virtualization
13 Tues, Nov 20 Fall break
13 Thurs, Nov 22 Fall break
14 Tues, Nov 27 Elements of virtualization (VMs and containers) Readings
14 Thurs, Nov 29 Orchestration (Kubernetes) Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes Checkpoint 2
15 Tues, Dec 4 Orchestration (Mesos) Mesos: A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center
15 Thurs, Dec 6 Hardware-accelerated datacenter architectures Azure Accelerated Networking: SmartNICs in the Public Cloud
In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit
16 Tues, Dec 11 Presentations
16 Thurs, Dec 13 Presentations Project Reports due