Please reference the syllabus below. As the semester progresses, updates to the syllabus will be posted here. A few of the assigned papers may change. Please contact the instructor or a TA if you have any questions.

Week Date Topics Readings Notes
1 Tues, Jan 15 Course Syllabus and Intro How to Read a Paper
Eric's lecture
1 Thurs, Jan 17 Datacenter background and intro Jupiter Rising: A Decade of Clos Topologies and Centralized Control in Google’s Datacenter Network
Inside the Social Network’s (Datacenter) Network
(optional) A Scalable, Commodity Data Center Network Architecture
(optional) The Datacenter as a Computer: Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines
Eric's lecture
2 Tues, Jan 22 Datacenter virtualization The Design and Implementation of Open vSwitch
Enabling End-Host Network Functions
2 Thurs, Jan 24 Datacenter transport Datacenter TCP
TIMELY: RTT-based Congestion Control for the Datacenter
3 Tues, Jan 29 End-host optimizations The eXpress Data Path: Fast Programmable Packet Processing in the Operating System Kernel
netmap: A Novel Framework for Fast Packet I/O
3 Thurs, Jan 31 Datacenter multipath WCMP: Weighted Cost Multipathing for Improved Fairness in Data Centers
Presto: Edge-based Load Balancing for Fast Datacenter Networks
4 Tues, Feb 5 Datacenter load balancing Duet: Cloud Scale Load Balancing with Hardware and Software
Maglev: A Fast and Reliable Software Network Load Balancer
4 Thurs, Feb 7 Datacenter isolation Carousel: Scalable Traffic Shaping at End Hosts
Iron: Isolating Network-based CPU in Container Environments
5 Tues, Feb 12 Hardware-accelerated datacenter networking Azure Accelerated Networking: SmartNICs in the Public Cloud
Raising the Bar for Using GPUs in Software Packet Processing
5 Thurs, Feb 14 Datacenter monitoring FlowRadar: A Better NetFlow for Data Centers
Pingmesh: A Large-Scale System for Data Center Network Latency Measurement and Analysis
6 Tues, Feb 19 Software-defined networking (SDN) intro OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks
P4: Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors
(optional) The Road to SDN
Eric's lecture
6 Thurs, Feb 21 SDN 1 B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WAN
SDX: a software defined internet exchange
7 Tues, Feb 26 Study date for exam No class
7 Thurs, Feb 28 Midterm exam
8 Tues, March 5 SDN 2 NetCache: Balancing Key-Value Stores with Fast In-Network Caching
NetChain: Scale-Free Sub-RTT Coordination
8 Thurs, March 7 WiFi intro Eric's lecture
9 Tues, March 12 WiFi: Mesh networking A High-Throughput Path Metric for Multi-Hop Wireless Routing
ExOR: Opportunistic Multi-Hop Routing for Wireless Networks
9 Thurs, March 14 Wireless architectures White Space Networking with Wi-Fi like Connectivity
Large-scale Measurements of Wireless Network Behavior
Project Proposals due
10 Tues, March 19 WiFi: MAC layer ClientMarshal: Regaining Control from Wireless Clients for Better Experience in Enterprise WLANs
A case for adapting channel width in wireless networks
10 Thurs, March 21 WiFi: Localization RADAR: An In-Building RF-based User Location and Tracking System
Decimeter-Level Localization with a Single WiFi Access Point
11 Tues, March 26 Spring break No class
11 Thurs, March 28 Spring break No class
12 Tues, April 2 Cellular Intro Eric's lecture
12 Thurs, April 4 Cellular: control plane MobileStream: A Scalable, Programmable and Evolvable Mobile Core Control Plane Platform
A High Performance Packet Core for Next Generation Cellular Networks
13 Tues, April 9 Cellular: measurement MobileInsight: Extracting and Analyzing Cellular Network Information on Smartphones
Detecting if LTE is the Bottleneck with BurstTracker
Checkpoint 1 due
13 Thurs, April 11 Cellular: analytics Automating Diagnosis of Cellular Radio Access Network Problems
Mitigating the Latency-Accuracy Trade-off in Mobile Data Analytics Systems
14 Tues, April 16 Emerging workloads/architectures intro Eric's lecture
14 Thurs, April 18 Deep Learning at the Edge Neural Adaptive Content-aware Internet Video Delivery
VideoEdge: Processing Camera Streams using Hierarchical Clusters
15 Tues, April 23 Emerging workloads Rubiks: Practical 360-Degree Video Streaming for Smartphones FoggyCache: Cross-Device Approximate Computation Reuse
Checkpoint 2 due
15 Thurs, April 25 IoT MUTE: Bringing IoT to Noise Cancellation
Living IoT: A Flying Wireless Platform on Live Insects
16 Tues, April 30 Presentations
16 Thurs, May 2 Presentations Project Reports due